Kekalb County, Georgia

A really nice family called to ask if we could help them. Their home was coming up for auction at a tax sale. We talked about their budget and the equity in their home. We paid off the taxes, removed the home from the auction, and repaired the bathroom. All this got done with a monthly payment $200 below the average rent for the area. No one had to move, needed repairs got completed. 

Fulton County, Georgia

A local was selling their mobile home. We bought it, fixed it, brought it to code. In a county where the median home price is $473,000, a nice couple bought the home for $5,000 down and an affordable monthly payment. 

Gwinnett County, Georgia

This was a property about to go up for auction. The owner called, she’s a single mother. We paid the taxes, removed the property from the auction. Nobody had to move, it was important to her that her children’s lives not be disrupted. She has a 5 year rental agreement with us that guarantees her monthly payment. At the time, her monthly payment was $50-100 below median rent. Today, that same monthly payment is closer to $300 below median rent. 

Fulton County, Georgia

The original owner called us before the auction. She was interested in selling and getting some money out. We did extensive repairs and upgrades and then listed it. The new owner is a very kind single mother. She had a good job, good work history, and she could not get traditional financing. She purchased the property, and her monthly payment is about equal to median rent in the area. Another person who the banks turned down at the time, but her credit with us is perfect. We love her. 

Franklin County, Ohio

The original owner called before the auction. She wanted to sell, and she wanted to make sure her tenants were taken care of. We purchased the property with the tenants continuing to live there. They were great, cooperative, perfect payment history. Now they’re the owners. We agreed that if they paid in full and on time for 2 years, we would sell them the property. They performed 100%. Their monthly payment is about half of median rent for their area. 

Marion County, Indiana

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